Goustaro is the perfect place to stop for a meal. Everything is fresh and made-to-order. We offer a range of homemade menu items from paninis, wraps, gyros and burgers to soup, bagels, salads, and pastries.

What Our Customers Say!

  • 5 star ratingI love this spot! This is like a deli but you can eat inside. They have tables and chairs. This is one of the only good delis in this neighborhood that has a wide variety of different choices for lunch and breakfast. I usually just get breakfast from them. They have tons of options for bagels and even the rainbow bagel. They have a breakfast platter which is one of my favorites. They make perfect over easy eggs and home fries. The coffee is on point they use a medium roast coffee which is my favorite. Always make my breakfast to perfection. Not too expensive either. You can order on seamless and they deliver. Perfect!

    Renee L. Avatar
    Renee L.

    1 star ratingWent there once and asked for two Gyros , I received fried pieces of chicken meat not the actual gyro.Thank you for conning me once and never again.

    T S. Avatar
    T S.

    5 star ratingI just ordered the Ruben,fries,and a cream. I have to say delivery was fast. It was my first time ordering so I was a bit skeptical but once I started eating my food I have to admit that the woman was deliciously cooked the fries were soggy and overall I have nothing but great things what are needed to put it out there and I would definitely order them from them again thank you

    Ziah C. Avatar
    Ziah C.
  • 5 star ratingthis is my favorite bagel place in bay ridge. the service is so great and they always know your order. their coffee is so good too. i love the sausage egg and cheese bagels, $4.50 and it's huge! seriously one of my favorite restaurants.

    Taylor K. Avatar
    Taylor K.

    5 star ratingWork a couple blocks away from this place. Definitely my go to for breakfast and lunch, they are only open till 5 or else it'd prob be my dinner go to also. Bagels are always fresh, huge selection of sandwich options and the Greek salad is my go to when I'm in mood for a salad. The prices in Bay Ridge are all over the place, but this place is definitely a reasonably priced good eats joint. Definitely check it out!

    Luis C. Avatar
    Luis C.

    5 star ratingPhenomenal breakfast!! The bacon from here is soooooooooooo good. They don't give you 7 lbs of home fries which I do appreciate. Eggs are always on point. Plus, they have juices for only $5.99!!!!!!! Which isn't easy to come by. I had cucumber and celery juice and a lot of times celery juice can taste like windex but theirs is on clean and fresh. 10/10 highly recommend

    Brittany O. Avatar
    Brittany O.

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