Goustaro is the perfect place to stop for a meal. Everything is fresh and made-to-order. We offer a range of homemade menu items from paninis, wraps, gyros and burgers to soup, bagels, salads, and pastries.

What Our Customers Say!

  • Found a decent place for a good tuna sandwich. Not too many deli many good tuna. This place does... read more

    Kelson Alvarado Avatar
    Kelson Alvarado

    Family owned business. Try the greek yogurt, it's homemade and amazing. Good healthy options without breaking the bank. (Good prices)... read more

    Dinah Louissaint Avatar
    Dinah Louissaint

    There service and food is just absolutely amazing! Their healthier options actually taste healthy, not like other places where they... read more

    Letty Ruiz Avatar
    Letty Ruiz
  • I order this place for delivery and they get my order perfect every single time. The food is banging... read more

    Alexandra Pellett Avatar
    Alexandra Pellett

    Can't say enough good things about this place. Never had a bad meal. Lentil soup is insane. Bagels are always... read more

    Bryan Ayres Avatar
    Bryan Ayres

    Honestly, if I didn’t live with my girl I would live here!! This place is incredible on so many levels... read more

    Andrew Kind Avatar
    Andrew Kind
  • great bagels and coffee! had the lox and cream cheese - super fresh and high quality. attentive staff! they have... read more

    Paulina G Avatar
    Paulina G

    Awseome paninis. Very gud burgers. Their meduim in price but the food is reallly gud

    Jack Kool Avatar
    Jack Kool

    Great sandwiches, both menu & custom made. Fresh hot food, huge salad options and oh yeah, wonderful desserts.

    Francis O'Hara Avatar
    Francis O'Hara
  • Excellent range of sandwiches, wraps, etc. Fast take-out service.

    Jim Freund Avatar
    Jim Freund

    Always reliable breakfast and deli-lunch. Friendly service. Quick delivery too, but I prefer stopping in.

    Patrick Corbett Avatar
    Patrick Corbett

    Good deli... the food is good and the bagels are awesome. Staff is friendly. Establishment is very clean.

    Josie Rivera Avatar
    Josie Rivera
  • I give it 5 stars, their bagels are the best, buyt I think they went out business, they closed in... read more

    Leslie Wolff Avatar
    Leslie Wolff

    I order bagels a couple times a week from this place. Usually it’s very good. I love everything whole wheat... read more

    Vicky Avatar

    5 star ratingGreat sandwiches, and very underrated bagels. Not to mention large and strong Iced Teas. Quick delivery and very nice customer service.

    Brian K. Avatar
    Brian K.
  • 5 star ratingWork a couple blocks away from this place. Definitely my go to for breakfast and lunch, they are only open... read more

    Luis C. Avatar
    Luis C.

    5 star ratingPhenomenal breakfast!! The bacon from here is soooooooooooo good. They don't give you 7 lbs of home fries which I... read more

    Brittany O. Avatar
    Brittany O.

    5 star ratingMy go-to neighborhood breakfast and lunch spot
    Their wraps are amazing--have had the Athena & Greek wraps.
    Their breakfast isn't too bad...
    read more

    Andrea C. Avatar
    Andrea C.
  • 5 star ratingIn my opinion, they have the beat iced coffee in the neighborhood. I go there religiously for coffee. ... read more

    Will S. Avatar
    Will S.

    5 star ratingDelicious bagel , cream cheese and lox with red onions. My favorite! The bagel was fresh there was plenty... read more

    H S. Avatar
    H S.

    5 star ratinglove the hot food they prepare daily. soo good! food is always fresh and fast. sometimes i eat there and... read more

    Liv C. Avatar
    Liv C.
  • 5 star ratingNothing negative to say and I'm happy they're across the street from the office! Breakfast, sandwich, salad,... read more

    Natalia P. Avatar
    Natalia P.

    5 star ratingAlways great food and friendly staff. I got the breakfast platter and ordered it while on my way and it... read more

    T T. Avatar
    T T.

    5 star ratingthis is my favorite bagel place in bay ridge. the service is so great and they always know your order.... read more

    Taylor K. Avatar
    Taylor K.
  • 5 star ratingI love this spot! This is like a deli but you can eat inside. They have tables and chairs. This... read more

    Renee L. Avatar
    Renee L.

    5 star ratingA wrap that comes with a drink for $8. It's a big sandwich, quick service. Can't go wrong here.

    scott l. Avatar
    scott l.

    5 star ratingI don't have a single bad thing to say about this place. I love their breakfast and lunch! And they... read more

    Samuel L. Avatar
    Samuel L.
  • 5 star ratingExtremely consistent, efficient, and friendly. I've gotten delivery or counter maybe a dozen times now and it's never been sloppy... read more

    Patrick C. Avatar
    Patrick C.

    5 star ratingI just ordered the Ruben,fries,and a cream. I have to say delivery was fast. It was my first time ordering... read more

    Ziah C. Avatar
    Ziah C.

    5 star ratingWorking nearly right next door to this GEM is a treat for me... The food is always on point and... read more

    Rosie S. Avatar
    Rosie S.
  • 5 star ratingCoffee is great. Good prices. I come here daily. Staff is very nice. Typical Bagel shop no complains here.

    Lou D. Avatar
    Lou D.

    5 star ratingI've been coming to Goustaro's almost every morning for a year. The coffee is by far the best coffee I've... read more

    Hellen L. Avatar
    Hellen L.

    5 star ratingFavorite go to spot for breakfast! Love the everything bagel, good coffee, amazinggggg Mediterranean wrap (get it with the spinach... read more

    Lola G. Avatar
    Lola G.
  • 5 star ratingBreakfast is great, bagels & eggs taste fresh, & even lunch is fantastic their wraps & burger are a must,... read more

    Guillermo H. Avatar
    Guillermo H.

    5 star ratingGet seamless from here all the time! Great iced coffees and breakfast sandwiches. The few times I actually went into... read more

    Sarah T. Avatar
    Sarah T.

    5 star ratingFirst things first, the gyros are AMAZING and the cheesecake is out of this world!!!!!! The food is always fresh... read more

    Ginger S. Avatar
    Ginger S.
  • 5 star ratingI love this place! It's very close to my work and I order delivery or get takeout from there... read more

    Sarah Y. Avatar
    Sarah Y.

    5 star ratingLove, love, LOVE this place. I live in the Bronx, so the only time I get the chance to buy... read more

    Melissa P. Avatar
    Melissa P.

    5 star ratingGreat food, friendly staff. I was in for breakfast - prices are reasonable, portions are generous AND I was... read more

    Amy H. Avatar
    Amy H.
  • 5 star ratingThe food can be a bit pricey but it's always been fresh in my experience. The service is very friendly.... read more

    Maddy K. Avatar
    Maddy K.

    5 star ratingGoustaro was recommended by a friend. I usually run in for either an egg sandwich in the morning or... read more

    Jane M. Avatar
    Jane M.

    5 star ratingStuffed tomatoes, brewed iced tea, Mac n cheese, and the rice pudding. I want to make love to all of... read more

    fayza a. Avatar
    fayza a.
  • 5 star ratingGoustaro's grub is delicious! It basically has everything you're craving, and specializes in Greek food. I got the... read more

    Jen C. Avatar
    Jen C.

    5 star ratingThe ambiance is good. The quality of food is good. Staffs are friendly. Overall good place to hang out.

    Vikranth K. Avatar
    Vikranth K.

    5 star ratingBeen back a few times now. The folks who work here are really great. Love the chickpea salad... read more

    CB B. Avatar
    CB B.

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